Our 2020 Vision on Affordable Housing

In 2020 Habitat’s Leadership saw that our drive to end homelessness and substandard housing couldn’t falter amidst the pandemic. COVID-19 hit us all hard, and our team hit back harder. Homeownership is not the path everyone is ready for, even if it is affordable. The need has been clear that affordable rents are nearly impossible, especially affordable rents in desirable neighborhoods. Joseph Hale, HFHYS CEO wanted to take the homeownership structure, where mortgages don’t exceed 30% of household income, and apply it to rental housing.

Habitat for Humanity Yuba/Sutter seized the opportunity to expedite our low-income rental projects with the announcement of HomeKey State funding. Habitat quickly sprang to action with Thurmond Consulting Firm to approach Sutter County with an opportunity to house a minimum of 62 of our most vulnerable population, while also bringing funding dollars that do not often make it to rural communities like Sutter County.

It was our belief that when we took ownership of the Beymont Inn and transformed it to low-income housing apartments with high impact management, we would make immediate measurable impacts in crime reduction and illegal activities that were destroying the area. With Sutter County Supportive Services and Community partnerships, we would change lives of those we house.

During a community resident meeting held at Harmony Village, hosted by Sutter County Health and Human Services, Sutter County Sheriff Deputy Licon stated,

“When the community was upset about this project it was because they didn’t know what we did. The problem was already here and this was a chance at a solution. All of you being here have made this part of Sutter County 100% better. The Sutter County Board Supervisors are proud and grateful you’re all here and so is local law enforcement. What you are all doing is creating a better life for yourselves and showing your community that these programs can help with long term successes.”

Our Villages

Harmony Village – 62 Unit Permanent Housing Project        

Harmony Village was made possible with Home Key funding as part of the stimulus package released through the State of California. The project will house 62 elderly, disabled and veteran individuals and couples in Sutter County. The property was acquired in November and reach occupancy in October 2021. The site will host supportive services provided by Sutter County HHS and Adventist Health.

Prosperity Village – 61 Unit Permanent Housing Project                                

Prosperity Village occurred quickly due to the success with our Sutter County, Harmony Village Project. In coordination with HCD we utilized CDBG funding to purchase and renovate this facility in Linda. This made available 61 units to serve our elderly, disabled and veteran populations. The purchase occurred in July 2021 and is now at 90% occupancy with only a few units left to renovate. Supportive services at this site are provided by Hands of Hope

To date there are 97 individuals permanently housed between both locations that would otherwise be homeless or living in substandard housing.

Poverty exists nearly every place in the world and finding solutions can be difficult and many times, even feel impossible. Families on the precipice of homelessness, living in substandard housing, often miss out on the great opportunities available to them; opportunities that could allow them to become contributing members to society. That is where the Habitat for Humanity comes in. Not giving a hand- out to families, but a hand-up, so that they can contribute to their own success, one that, if done right, will last for generations to come.

 There is a housing crisis throughout the nation that only seems to continue to grow. This year the nation is facing inflation at levels not seen in decades with a 7.5% increase occurring in our most recent year. This has had the greatest effect on people living below the median income range and more specifically those who are elderly and living on fixed incomes. However, there are a lot of factors that have made low income housing a priority.


  • 11,509 of the 65,258 residents in Yuba City live in Poverty and cannot afford standard housing This accounts for over 17% of Yuba City’s population or 1 in 5 residents.
  • The Yuba-Sutter area has a homeless population the ranges from 500 to over 1,000 unsheltered, and of those tracked through our data systems; 92% show to be long-term
  • Our Family Service Department has over 700 housing applications on our waiting list and 401 as of January 31st, 2022, list Yuba City as there city of residence. 62% have been on are list for two years or
  • Elderly individuals have been the most effected by the increase in living costs as their incomes are often fixed and do not grow at the same rates as the cost of This has left to evictions of long-term elderly individuals in many places in our community. The average individual living on Social Security makes around $1,100 and we are seeing rental rates of between $1,200 and $1,500 locally.

If you would like to learn more about our Hotel/Apartment conversion for low-income housing, please contact us at info@yubasutterhabitat.org.

As a non-profit we rely on the giving of others. The most valuable thing you can give us is your time.  We would love to take you on a tour, introduce you to our residents and help create a better understanding of who we house and hope you share the success of our mission with others in the community.



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