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Harmony Village

Harmony Village is a 62-unit permanent supportive housing for low-income individuals who are either homeless or precariously housed, with priority going to veterans, disabled and the elderly. On-site services will be provided by Hands of Hope and a number of community partners and local government organizations.


A little insight into Homelessness from our Partner Families:

After many intakes and interviews we have learned a few common threads in many stories of those experiencing homelessness.

Though one might want a better life after falling prey to addiction, untreated mental illness and living on the streets-the hardest thing to overcome is the personal shame of getting so low. The shame is what many refer to as the devil that keeps them in the cycle. One woman we spoke with said that she would have preferred to die at the River Bottoms on drugs because every time she heard God call her to hope the looks she saw on every face that passed her was the reflection of the shame she felt of herself. It was the Devil reminding her that "those people are like me. They would never get so low. They will never understand and no matter what I do, I will always be trash to them."

An even bigger problem is the lack of (and environments in) low-income, affordable housing. Many people will choose to leave low-income housing due to the lack of Community. It is also found the housing that is low-income affordable holds more crime and drugs than the streets or River Bottoms. It is not an environment one struggling for a better life can thrive in.

How will Harmony Village be different?

Harmony Village is one the stepping stones to homeownership Habitat for Humanity Yuba-Sutter has created in our mission to end homelessness. We believe one of our biggest keys to success is the partnership with Sutter County Services and other community partners that truly welcome these individual's back into a society they can contribute to.

Habitat for Humanity has helped in creating pathways to becoming a homeowner. 

Our Harmony Village Families start at The Life Building Center where they do an intake with Coordinated entry, Hands of Hope and Better Way. These are induviduals that have already taken the steps into a better life and now have access to all the tools and support they need while they progress back.

There will be some Partner Families that will find a permenant home here at Harmony Village but there are already some that are finding the confidence to brush up their resumes and re-enter the work force.

Having everyone already receiving services in one location is a benefit to the county as they can save money spent in travel and locating persons.