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We can help you
affordably repair
your home

Habitat for Humanity is Helping
Rebuild Homes and Lives in Rio Dell.

In response to the recent earthquakes the
in Humboldt County, Habitat for
Humanity has partnered with the County
of Humboldt and the City of Rio Dell to
provide disaster relief to displaced
families. In addition to our mission to end
homelessness and substandard housing in
a fiscally and socially responsible manner,
we put God's love into action when
disaster strikes our neighboring

We build Hope and Community.
Through Housing, we Empower.

Want to help us rebuild in Humboldt?
Use our QR code to donate directly to
Disaster Response Recovery in
Humboldt County

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Income range requirements

Please read other eligibility information inside brochure

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Take the first step

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Program Guide

The key to building your dream

Requirements and General Information

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• Low-income renters must contact disaster case management services at (707) 382-5890 to engage with caseworkers.

• Renters that apply must have been living in the dwelling at the time of the earthquake that requires repair to maintain or regain occupancy.

• If the applicant is renting or subleasing they will need to provide landlord information to Habitat for Humanity staff to obtain their approval for the cost of the scope of work, as well as Deed of Trust and Promissory Note. Applicants may be contacted to attend a Family Services Program Orientation to understand the program and how to prepare your documentation.

• Work is limited to the scope needed to create a livable space and meet requirements for occupancy.

• Grant funding creates a due and payable contract that may be forgiven if the terms and conditions are met.

Renters/Low-income Homeowners Contact

Arcata House Partnership/Eel River Valley Recovery
(707) 382-5890

Rental Property Owners Contact
(530)742-2727 ext 213

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Do you qualify?

• Must be a resident of Humboldt County
• Must have lived in the home to be repaired prior to the earthquakes
• Must qualify based on income guidelines

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How to apply

  • If you are a displaced low income renter or low income owner occupant, please contact our partner agency to establish disaster case management services.
    Arcata House Partnership/Eel River
    Valley Recovery Group
    (707) 382-5890
    9th Street, Arcata, CA 95521
  • If you are a rental property owner seeking repairs, please contact Habitat for Humanity Family Services
    (530) 742-2727 ext 213
    In order to be approved for work on investment properties, you must agree to provide the unit as affordable housing and work with us to place individuals in advance of completed work
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Documents to prepare

  • Photo ID
  • Copy of your lease/rental agreement
  • Last year's tax filing signed affidavit
  • Applicant names and addresses mustmatch submitted documents
  • Proof of residence prior to the earthquake

Pre-Application for Repair

Low-income renters and homeowners will work with their disaster managers to submit the following pre-application, and for the duration of the application process. Rental property owners may submit to If you meet the income and credit guidelines, you will be invited to a meeting to learn more and fill out a full-length application.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Include income and debt for all individuals who will be living in the home over 18 years of age
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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How to apply

  • Renters and low-income homeowners must meet the income guidelines outlined in this brochure and engage with Disaster Case Management
  • Rental property owners that exceed income guidelines must be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable housing on any home repaired
  • If approved, applicant(s) will assume a 0% interest loan (with conditions) based on repair cost
  • All applicant(s) must be a United States citizen or legal permanent resident, must have lived in Rio Dell, Humboldt County, prior to the earthquakes
  • Applicants must fully participate in the application process, work with caseworkers, attend any preparation classes, work with the sponsoring organization, participate in publicity,
    and exhibit a willingness and ability to partner
  • All family members living in the home 18 years of age and older must agree to a consumer disclosure